Monday, 11 April 2011

In the Spotlight with Tooky Johnson...

Tooky Johnson is currently the director at Biztown.  He studied at UCT and has been involved in sales and marketing all his life.

Tell us a little about Biztown and how the idea came about?
I've always preferred dealing with people I know rather than with strangers. Firstly because I feel I can trust them more, and secondly I prefer to support my friends and hopefully they will reciprocate. Trouble is I don't know what businesses my friends from school, varsity, sport etc are involved in, and I realized that most of them don't know what I do either! Biztown was designed and launched to fill that gap, and luckily a lot of people seem to also like and support the concept.

What makes Biztown different?
Biztown is like combining Facebook with The Yellow Pages - it's a business tool designed to let you deal with real people rather than faceless companies. It also gives us all a platform to let our  friends, acquaintances and anyone browsing the site know what services we can offer them.

Who is Tooky Johnson?
I'm a spearfisherman who has to work to support my passion! Seriously though, I've been involved in sales all my life and have seen that "its not what you know but who you know" that so often counts. I've lost out on business because a potential client would prefer to deal with his or her friend, and I've also supported friends rather their opposition for the same reason. Biztown stems from there and I've wanted to create this site since the internet first came on the scene.

Why did you decide to go with TheMagsBrand?
Mags is such a household name in SA and she's also such a fantastic, bubbly person that I liked her from our first meeting. She's been out of the limelight for a while now which makes her an even more obvious choice. People will see or hear her and think "I wonder what she's up to now". They can go onto Biztown and find out!

What do you hope to achieve with Biztown?
I would like to see Biztown become the preferred search platform for everyone looking for a new supplier. I want every one of our advertisers to get new people contacting them for business because they've seen their profiles on Biztown. 

Who should advertise on Biztown?
Anyone who wants to attract new customers. Anyone who knows the value and importance of advertising your business. Anyone who's never advertised because they think it's too expensive.  At R149 per month its the most innovative, cost effective advertising you'll ever get!

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